Hello, World!

This is my first post on this personal blog.

I had been thinking of creating a blog for a few years, realizing that I had not finalized most of what I started coding.

I filled a lot of backup discs with unfinished experiments, keeping with me the idea that I still needed to improve them.

So this is the attempt to start dusting all this old stuff, to show the best ones, to free myself from it, and give me time to start new ideas!

I also want to share them because, if the artistic intent or technical purpose is more or less obvious, I think most of them have some pedagogical value because they share the mistakes we make when we learn, create or try to build solid things.

Finally, writing something personal in English, which is not such a simple exercise for me, will help me to stay concise and not to try to write a long essay as I would do in French, my mother tongue.